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{create} tissue snowflake tutorial

10 December

Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment on and share our red, white & silver christmas dessert table!!  Here is the tutorial I promised for creating tissue snowflakes! I hope I have described everything clearly enough for you!! Might be a good idea to look through all the instructions before you start! Any problems […]

{inspired by} circus

20 August

How sweet are these little pinwheel cupcake topper? We found them, complete with instructions and printables here, at the long thread ….they were designed with 4th of July in mind, but we think they would be the perfect for a vintage circus theme!  Why the circus focus lately? We have a special vintage circus themed event coming up very soon (more […]

{create} dinosaur rocks

06 August

Thought I’d share a great idea for a dinosaur dig party! I first made these ‘dinosaur rocks’ when a friend and I ran a school holiday fun club a few years ago.  We hid them throughout the garden and let the children go on a fossil hunting adventure… they returned with the dinosaur rocks and broke them open to discover baby dinosaurs…they […]

{create} mallow pops

23 July

Another sweet creation from Aimee’s husband, Mark.   To make them yourself… 1. place marshamallows onto balloon sticks trimmed to size 2. colour melted white chocolate with food colouring powder  (avoid liquid food colouring as it will cause chocolate to separate)  3. dip marshmallows into melted chocolate and quickly turn over to allow chocolate to drip down sides 4. place smartie […]